While We Wait: Reflections for Advent


The Advent reflections in this collection were initially written in seven sets, each produced for one season. As a collection, this volume offers the reader a variety of pathways to a more contemplative and spiritually enriching Advent. Whether through considering the perspectives of characters in the Biblical accounts of the events leading up to the birth of Jesus, examining ages-old traditional Advent prayers and music, observing the season in simplicity or creating space for silence, each reader can find a personally meaningful way to escape the frantic pace and stress that have come to characterize the secular Christmas season. These writings will help you return to Advent as it was originally observed: a season of anticipation and meditative preparation for the coming of the Christ Child.

While We Wait: Reflections for Advent

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  • It will show you how to have a calm and contemplative Advent season amid the clamor and chaos of secular Christmas.
  • It will deepen your experience of the coming of Christ by engaging you in meditative reflection.
  • It will be a seasonal resource for years to come.
  • Its format is equally appropriate for individual devotions and group study.
  • It makes a perfect gift!

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